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Brockman Engineering and Danum Engineering form part of the EVZ Engineering Division of EVZ Limited and merged on 1 July 2011, trading as Brockman Engineering.

The merger has facilitated a greater competitive synergy, making a more attractive offering in a one-stop, cost effective and fit-for-purpose suite of engineering services.

Current capability overview:

  • specialises in the design, construction and maintenance of very large steel tanks, silos and cooling towers for the chemical, petroleum and water industries.
  • specialises in mechanical and engineering operations, delivering a comprehensive range of engineering services to industry. Heritage Danum has vast experience in the petrochemical industry, with a proven track record of completing shut-down maintenance programs, and
  • specialises in pressure pipe spooling and welding, unique minor structural and manufacturing of pressure vessels.


Head Office:

340 Forest Road, Corio, Vic 3214

Phone:  (03) 5274 1222


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